Monday, 28 September 2015

Pool Finished for this Year

    The pool guys were here bright and early today and drained and covered the pool. I asked them about the bubbles coming out of the return which I figured meant air was getting into the system. They agreed that was probably the case and a repair will be required when they re-open the pool next Spring. So I will have to budget for an added expense then!

    Some catchup to do - Thursday was lunch with the Probus ladies at Nova Restaurant. I had lasagna and Caesar salad and a glass of wine. With the tip it was $25 but quite worth it. Friday was the Don Mills Banquet which was lots of fun. It was held at Donalda Club - very posh! The buffet was delicious and we were seated right by the dessert table so, of course, I over-indulged. We left after the prizes and awards so it wasn't too late a night.

   On Saturday I was out at Lehman Crescent to babysit the grandkids. We had a delicious Shepherd's Pie with salad so I was well fed again. So it was Sunday before I had to cook again.

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