Tuesday 2 May 2017

First Day of Kafeeklatsch

   For my new readers, Kaffeeklatsch is the tennis social I help to run at the outdoors tennis courts, and today was our inaugural day. Unfortunately, the weather gods did not shine kindly on us as we had a very cool day and the rain started after just half an hour of play. Our usual turnout is between 30 and 40 players (we have six courts) but we had only six hardy folk who showed up.

   However, there was coffee so we retired to the clubhouse for a cup of java and a chinwag as we hadn`t seen each other since last October. The upside was that I was able to get to Bridge class by 11:30 and benefit from Frank`s superb instruction. That lasted until 2:30 as we bring our lunch and take a break around 1:00 to refuel.

  I had a very tasty hors dòevres (don`t think I spelled that correctly) with a glass of rosé tonight. It was half a mashed avocado covered with salsa and a topping of grated, extra old cheddar and tostitos to dip into it. Chicken thighs are going in the oven shortly with a mushroom sauce and I will finish off the broccoli casserole and sweet potato mash from yesterday.

   It only got up to 10C today - we are still waiting for more seasonal temperatures. At least all the rain is helping the grass and the spring flowers grow!

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