Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Fresh Bread and Fresh Air

Oh, I have been so lazy with blogging the last few days - only excuse I have been on the go all day. Today is finally up in the low 'teens but still chilly in the shade. At least it is dry and sunny!

   Bridge on Monday was cancelled so I had a quiet day and just out for dance group in the evening. Tuesday was a tennis morning, sunny but a bit cool, and I meant to leave by 11:00 a.m. for Bridge lesson but got waylaid and only made it to the later lesson. It was very helpful, though, and I'm glad I made the effort to go. In the evening I went to Jean Noble's class as she was reviewing all the dances for Saturday's Ball. There was a bigger than usual turnout as lots of extra people were there to have a last go at learning the dances - some are quite tricky.

   Today was another busy day - I went to Fitness class then straight to walking group (took my coffee "to go"). We went to Thomson Park which is quite an easy walk. It was very pleasant to get out in the fresh air and walk (briskly!) with friends. Then a brief stop at home to change clothes and make lunch before heading back to the Seniors' Centre for my shift in the kitchen. It went fairly quickly and we made a bunch of money  - the coffee has gone up in price ($1 instead of 75 cents, still a bargain) - and sold quite a few meat pies. Lastly an hour in the garden pulling weeds. Thank goodness I have a night at home tonight!

    After eating leftovers for 4 days I finally had some fresh food, salmon and peas yesterday, curried chicken thighs and green beans tonight and will have fruit for dessert. I made a soda bread on Monday (that's the problem with staying home, temptation!) and have eaten half of it already - it is so good!

This is my walking group on a cold day in March. I am bottom left. Finally able to load photos!

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