Wednesday, 17 May 2017

What happened to Spring?

   Very hot today - we seem to have gone straight to summer. I wonder if it will last. But the house has stayed cool and I will open all the windows tonight to try to lower the temperature some more.

   My usual day at the Seniors' Centre but with one glitch. I had planned to go to the Garden Centre in between fitness classes, but the morning kitchen person had to leave for a dentist appointment so I was co-opted to fill in. So I was behind the counter from around 10:30 until 2:30. I closed early as I had had enough and there were few customers, and went to the Garden Centre on my way home. It was very busy as it was such a good gardening day (high of 31C, one reason I didn't mind being in the air-conditioned centre) and also seniors' discount day.

   I bought some tomato and kale plants and when I got home I dug up the vegetable patch and got them in the ground. I gave them a good watering with vegetable food. Hopefully they will survive while I am away. I won't plant anything else until I get back.

   I had a nice fish dinner tonight - a basa fillet in a cheese sauce with peas. There will be enough for tomorrow. Considering I just had yogurt and a banana for breakfast, soup and half an apple for lunch and a couple of cookies with my coffee, I have eaten quite sparingly today. And not many carbs!

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