Friday, 26 May 2017

A Better Day than Yesterday

   A much better day today although the morning was rather damp. My outdoor thermometer says it's 20C but it isn't even close to that indoors. I will need to go out and warm up soon!
   It was my day in charge at the tennis social and it took a couple of hours until the courts were dry enough to play. Only about 16 people showed up and we had to stop a couple of times when there was a little rain. I got two good sets in between the showers and was quite happy to sit and watch after that.

   I typed up the Minutes from yesterday's meeting and sent them off to the executive. That's one more job off my plate. I also cancelled the newspaper for the two weeks I am away and sorted out which clothes I am taking - some will need a wash before I pack them to freshen them up. Some I haven't worn since last summer.

   No errands today and just fish to bake for dinner. I am going to try to change my daily schedule to adjust slightly to the time change I will be experiencing next Tuesday - going to bed earlier and getting u earlier each day. Today I woke at 6:30 and will try to go to bed at 9:00 p.m. but I doubt I will be able to sleep.
Stay tuned!