Thursday, 4 May 2017

Printer Purchased and Installed

   Feeling very proud of myself today as I have accomplished this dreaded task - I am rather technology challenged! The only problem is the printer I bought only prints in black and white - no colour. I guess I presumed it did colour or didn't register when the salesman told me it was just black and white. Luckily I don't need colour very often. Now I won't need to be running to the library every time I need something printed. They only do black and white there too.

   It has rained all day today and hasn't got above 10C - we are getting rather waterlogged! I had planned to cut the grass this afternoon but it was just too wet. I went to mahjong this morning and Pauline taught us a new rule. Now we are all thrown into a state of flux and trying to absorb this new information. I have missed the last two weeks so it felt like starting from scratch.

   I am treating myself to several jumbo shrimp fried in garlic butter tonight - no special occasion, just feel like a treat. I won't even worry about any pasta or veggies, just have a small salad with it, and lots of seafood sauce. Yummy!!

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