Friday, 12 May 2017

Everything Starting to Bloom

   A cloudy but pleasant day with a few sunny periods. I stayed at tennis for three hours and was pretty exhausted by 11:30. The trip there was much easier than Tuesday. Seemingly, that day, a rear-end collision had backed everything up. Luckily, I found an alternate route. But today the traffic was moving well.

   I got my "summer cut" at the hairdresser today and hope it will last until I get home from my trip on June 13th. Now my neck feels rather chilly but it does look much tidier.

   My chore tonight was to get the name tags ready for the RWTO lunch on Tuesday but I didn't get past the "D's". The bags will probably sit there until Monday now!

   A delicious dinner tonight - fish in a cheese and onion sauce (homemade) with a chickpea and roasted red pepper salad I got marked down at the store. It is probably a bit higher in salt than I am used to but it sure was tasty!

The forsythia in my back yard a couple of weeks ago.
   Everything is beginning to grow in the garden - tulips, violets, self-seeding forget-me-nots in all sorts of places, rhubarb, chives, asparagus.

   I have been able to take several cuttings from  the bleeding heart bush, the bee balm and a hosta plant and they seem to have taken well. Soon I will have all perennials in the garden - no need to be buying annuals every Spring. I will still want to put in some vegetables - tomatoes, kale and, this year I think I will try some radishes. Seemingly they're quite easy to grow.

  Next sunny day I will take more photos - so pleased to be able to post photos again!


  1. That's what I love about perennials - you can divide them and increase your gardens without having to buy any more. I've never had good luck with bleeding heart, although I love it. -Jenn

  2. Mine's in a shady spot and seems to like it. I've heard other people say that their's doesn't come back either.