Thursday, 11 May 2017

Quite the Social Calender

   I decided not to go to tennis this morning as it was on the cool side (9C). I don't mind the cold if the sun is shining but it was overcast and gloomy so I went to mahjongg instead. Another new rule but it made the game even more challenging and fun. I got one win - in fact we all had one so it was a satisfying morning.

   I was replacing Pauline today at Bridge so my partner was Margrit - we had the greatest cards and even when our opponents had the contract, we were able to put them down several times. Margrit and I were pretty pleased with ourselves.

   The sun came out later and it warmed up a bit so I spent an hour in the garden - I find if I do it in small stretches, I can achieve more. It's looking pretty good out there now but I am of two minds whether to plant any veggies before I go on holiday in two weeks. I may just put in the kale and wait until I get back mid-June to plant the rest.

   A few big events coming up - the West Toronto Ball on Saturday (need to review the dances one more time), our year-end party at dance group on Monday (need to make a batch of sausage rolls and bring the plates, napkins etc.) and two weeks from today the RTO AGM for which I have to prepare (and get printed) the file of reports. I am still waiting for a couple of people to submit their reports. My blood pressure was up when I checked it at the drug store today! I will be glad when all these pressures are off me.

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