Thursday, 25 May 2017

A Big Mistake

   A rainy, cold day - most unseasonable, in fact it only got up to 12C and the wind was almost gale force! I got quite soaked from the car to the building when I went to the meeting this morning.

   The meeting went off OK (despite my leaving out one of the reports from the handout - it was Donna's and she took it really well). Lunch was OK, nothing special - just the usual dry chicken - but there was plenty of coffee. There was also seconds of asparagus which made up for a lot. I love asparagus!

   The rain has finally stopped but I believe we got about 20 cms. which seemingly is what we usually get in the whole month of May. No wonder the grass is growing so fast!

  Just soup and a sandwich, probably toasted cheese, for dinner tonight as I am still stuffed and am trying to eat up all the perishable stuff in the fridge before I depart on Monday. I won't be buying too many groceries on the weekend. I had a big clean up in my office this afternoon and, of course, found Donna's report, but I won't tell her. It's just too embarrassing! 


  1. New to your blog. :) Sorry you got drenched today!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Today was better!