Sunday, 7 May 2017

Finally the Rain Has Stopped

   I had difficulty sleeping last night and I know exactly why. We were entertaining at a church supper yesterday evening and were given coffee and strudel after. I knew I shouldn't have drunk the coffee but it went so well with the strudel (which was delicious) that  I threw caution to the winds. Bad idea!

   I picked up the grandkids at 9:30 this morning despite feeling sleep deprived and we headed to a free tennis lesson at a local tennis club. It was on the cool side but they were well wrapped up. The sun came out as we arrived, no rain today. Unfortunately, the organizers, in their infinite wisdom, had decided to postpone the event due to the weather. We were all very disappointed especially as the cancellation message was sent out after we left home! Instead we went to my tennis club and hit balls for a while with mixed success - not the way I had planned the morning to go. After lunch I took the kids back home and finally got back to my place for much needed nap. I hope I sleep better tonight, I will just have camomile tea or hot milk before I go to bed.

    I got the front grass cut this afternoon and tidied up the borders but that did me in and I have been stretched out on the sofa reading since.

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