Tuesday 16 May 2017


   A busy weekend and now a couple of frustrating days which I am glad are almost over. Yesterday was fine until the evening when I got in the car to go to dance group and it wouldn't start - and I had all the goodies for the last night party! Luckily I got hold of someone to let them know I would be there eventually. The tow truck came very quickly - I think it was just 10 minutes - and got it going so I wasn't very late, but a red warning light stayed on all the time I was out. It seems to have gone today but am keeping my fingers crossed!

   Today was lunch with RWTO and an interesting speaker. However, this evening I had problems with my printer and spent a good hour trying to print something before realising that the connection was "broken". Luckily, the brainy computer was able to fix it and it seems to be fine now. We'll see if it works next time I go to use it. I'm rather pleased with myself that I managed to resolve the problem without having to seek outside help.

   I spent half-an-hour on the phone with Angela tonight as she complained about one of the monitors at Kaffeeklatsch. Seemingly he is stirring things up and giving out incorrect information. I have been designated (as KK convenor) to straighten him out but I hate confrontation so have opted to do it by a general e-mail to all the monitors and hope that will resolve the problem. Another frustration - can't wait to get away on vacation!

   Just soup and a sandwich for dinner tonight as I was still full from lunch. We got lots of vegetables with the meal but the chicken (again) was rather dry and they served potatoes and rice - too many carbs. Seemingly it's a Greek thing.

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