Thursday, 14 January 2016

Yoga and Bridge

    Not so cold today and we even saw some sun this afternoon. The temperature almost reached zero by the afternoon and I tidied up the driveway which still had some icy patches. First yoga class since mid December and, boy, was I aching after. But I feel I have had a great stretch and cleared my lungs with all the deep breathing. I just came home for coffee today as my usual group of friends don't do yoga.

   Bridge with Bonnie, Marilyn and Margaret this afternoon and I had a couple of very successful hands. I also had a couple where I went down badly and one I shouldn't have bid on at all! We live and learn.

   Skipped the pool this afternoon as I am almost, but not completely, back to normal. I ate normally today for the first time since the weekend and feel none the worse for it - cereal and orange juice for breakfast, a sandwich and half an apple at lunch and salsa chicken and delicious balsamic roasted potatoes for dinner. Samia called me this evening to see if I could play bridge on Monday but I already have a game arranged.

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