Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A Warming Trend

    Still in the negative values this morning but it got above zero by the afternoon under sunny skies. I walked to the Senior's Centre around noon for my shift in the kitchen and back again around 3:00. Very pleasant!

    My day started with fitness class followed by coffee with some of the other ladies. Our little group has grown somewhat smaller with people having to pass up on exercise due to injuries or other commitments. But it was nice to catch up on everyone's holiday activities.

    So, not a very eventful day but I am glad to get back to my usual weekly activities. Yesterday I had my usual tennis game at Hendrina's but I have to miss the next two Tuesdays because of other commitments. I made cabbage rolls for dinner tonight but they were rather overcooked and the cabbage was too chewy. I'd better search out a proper recipe before I try them again!


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