Saturday 9 January 2016

Rainy and Dull

   Very mild today for January, 6C although my outdoor thermometer was showing 9C. In any effect, most of the snow is gone. There was rain overnight but today was just dull and grey. It is so unusual to see the green grass at this time of year.

    I called off my dinner date with Bud - just didn't feel like socializing and he didn't seem too disappointed! I would rather just stay home and watch TV and I still have some of the free meal from yesterday to eat. I will cook up some broccoli to go with the meat and potatoes - an easy dinner. There are usually good shows on TV on a Saturday.

   Didn't accomplish very much today other than my usual Saturday chores. But I did make an interesting loaf in my bread machine. It was a parmesan and sundried tomato concoction with garlic and onion powder and it turned out very well. Of course I have already gobbled up a couple of slices! I will slice the rest and store it in the freezer, out of temptation's way.


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