Friday 15 January 2016

An Unfrosty Friday

    Still mild, in fact rain is forecast for this evening.  It was supposed to get up to 5C today but where I am it only reached 1C so it may be freezing rain. Just in case, I put the car in the garage. I hate having to scrape ice off in the morning before I can go anywhere. My main quest tomorrow is to find a gift and card for James as it's his 6th birthday on the 19th.

    I had a good workout at fitness class today and, after coffee, just had time to clear off the driveway (again!) before heading back to the Senior's Centre for Progressive Bridge. This is a bit more challenging for me as the level is much higher than my usual groups. I managed not to embarrass myself, in fact got a compliment on one of the hands I played! I picked up some free soup before I left so that will be lunch tomorrow.

    Just leftover chicken and roast potatoes for dinner tonight, followed by a minneola. That should hold me until breakfast.


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