Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Under the Weather

   Not much has happened in my neck of the woods in the last week.  I spent the weekend in bed with a bug which lingered until Tuesday but I had a couple of commitments on Monday so had to dose myself with some home remedies and hope for the best.

    Burn's Night on Monday with my social group so it was "piping in the haggis" and a meal with 'neeps and tatties and lots of other goodies. Luckily my stomach had settled down enough for me to enjoy the treats. I had leftover turnip and haggis again yesterday and turnip rissoles tonight. I may be eating it for the rest of the week!

    Tennis yesterday morning but I skipped Bridge lessons and slept all afternoon. Just needing to let my body fight off the virus.

   I closed the coffee bar early today as I had to be at Book Club by 2:30. We were discussing "The Painted Girls" by Catherine Marie Buchanan, a story set in belle epoque Paris and featuring Edgar Degas and Emile Zola. We were split on its merits (I definitely liked it though some thought it rather slow) but everyone agreed the author portrayed the period very accurately.

    Beautifully mild and sunny today - almost like Spring! - but back to winter tomorrow. It has been great not to wear boots or heavy winter coats too often!

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