Thursday 21 January 2016

On the Go All Day

   I am having a restful evening watching tennis from Australia after a busy day - no nap today and I won't be having an early night as there's a show I want to watch that doesn't finish until 11:00 p.m. So I shouldn't have any trouble getting to sleep tonight!

   It has been a fairly mild day today, it got up to -3C this afternoon with sunny skies and no need for boots. There's a massive snow storm coming north from the U.S. but it's supposed to miss us, fingers crossed. I really like the winter we're having this year.

   I was out of the house by 9: 45 this morning for the Probus meeting (skipped Yoga), went from there to Bridge with Marie, Margaret and Bonnie around noon, and from there back to Agincourt Community Centre for a swim. I tried out the sauna and found it quite relaxing, but after being in there a few minutes, the hot tub didn't feel hot at all! I did my usual 12 lengths - I don't seem to be able to increase this but at least have not had to reduce it. 

   Another meatless dinner tonight and not much carbs. You'd think I would have lost a pound or two but no such luck. I guess it's all the cookies with my coffee!

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