Friday, 8 January 2016

An Unusual Day

   Today started out as my usual Friday but things took a turn for the better in the afternoon. My regular fitness class this morning followed by coffee with friends. After returning home I found some tennis on SN1 - the WTA Brisbane Open. I just caught the end of a quarter final match but, since the next match wasn't scheduled for a couple of hours I decided on something different.

    I walked over to the Senior's Centre for Duplicate Bridge. This is a new activity for me and a bit more challenging than my usual group. The other attraction was that there are free dinners delivered on Fridays around 1:00 p.m. from a catering company (probably their leftover lunches) and today there was quite a selection. I managed to get a roast beef, mashed potatoes and veg. meal. as well as a carton of navy bean soup. As it is served cold I took it home after bridge and heated up the soup. The roast beef meal was too much to finish for dinner so I ate all the vegetables and saved some of the meat and potatoes for another day.

    Bud (from bridge) has offered to lend me a book (to improve my game) so we have arranged to meet for dinner tomorrow night so that he can give it to me. I hope he doesn't expect me to have read it and upped my game by next Friday! I may have to avoid playing at his table in the future!

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