Friday, 29 January 2016

Boots and Winter Coat Today

    Yoga yesterday morning followed by lunch at Dragon Pearl Buffet on York Mills. What a selection of delicious food they had! There were Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes so I tried to sample as much as possible. Sushi, stir fries, dim sum dumplings and more. I was up to the buffet tables three times and was thoroughly stuffed by the time I called a halt. We each got individual pots of green tea on heating candles to wash it all down and took our time between visits to the food. I would certainly recommend it and hope the RODEO ladies go there again next year!

   Fitness class this morning, a very good workout, then a short chat over coffee before I headed home to shovel the driveway. The snow overnight was light, fluffy stuff so I had it cleared in half-an-hour, despite -6C and a strong north wind. Then I had a quick lunch and changed for the afternoon demo at Living Life retirement home. I only mixed up one dance slightly and was able to correct myself before anyone noticed (I hope).

   Still eating up the turnip from Monday. Tonight I am having it with crispy bacon mixed in just to make it more appetizing. I am getting pretty sick of it!

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