Friday, 30 October 2015

Almost Through October

  Early start after a quick breakfast of cereal and juice. Fitness class this morning was pretty tough as I didn't seem to have much energy. However, after coffee and a cookie I was fine.

   Straight from there to the library in the mall to print some documents - my printer is still lost in the nether world somewhere, but luckily I don't need to print much. I just needed the sign-in sheet for the RTO meeting next week and a couple of other things and it only cost 15 cents a sheet. Then on to the hairdresser for a cut and blow dry before heading home - a busy morning!

   Lunch was my usual soup and a sandwich although I fried an egg for the sandwich which is not my norm. Then headed upstairs for a nap and actually slept for almost an hour, maybe a result of my fatigue this morning. I have finally got to the last few chapters of "Game of Thrones" but the sequel, "Clash of Kings" is waiting on my bedside table and another book is waiting at the library. I will probably spend the weekend reading.

    I have some leftover chicken and rice for dinner but will make a salad first as my vegetable course. Yogurt and fruit for dessert to use up the last of both before shopping tomorrow. I am getting much better at just buying what I need each week. I only have some grapes and half a sweet potato left this week. Must remember to buy onions as I have finally used up all of my crop from the garden.

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