Friday, 23 October 2015

Fall Colours

   Brilliant blue sky today but a chilly start. However, it warmed up enough by the afternoon for me to work outside without a coat. The trees are almost all turned and were putting on quite a show as I drove home from fitness class this morning. Unfortunately I am still having difficulty uploading photos since converting to Windows 10. They are in my computer somewhere but steadfastly refuse to load in here! So you will just have to take my word for it.

   I used up the last of the produce from the garden in a chutney today - a small aubergine, two tiny tomatoes, garlic and a half-red, half-green pepper. I was pretty sure the pepper was not going to survive another chilly night and, going by the last one which I had to throw out, wouldn't ripen enough indoors. So into the pot it went. I still have a few onions, which will go in my next stew, and enough garlic to get me through the winter - and some to plant soon, ready for next year.

    I also ate the last corn cob from the farmer who sets up locally. He is long gone (probably off to Florida with all his profits!) and the corn was a bit chewy but still better than store bought. I had it with leftover butter chicken from Wednesday. I was lucky that neither of the lunches I had out this week featured chicken as there is still some left for tomorrow and I will be ready to try something different by the time it is all gone.

   I tried the olive oil I bought yesterday on bruschetta today and it was delicious - a little spicy and the tangerine flavouring came through quite strongly. I am going to see if I can get hold of the seller as I would definitely like some more. It would make a terrific gift!


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