Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Eating Out

   I have the fire on tonight although it's not particularly cold - just damp and rainy. It is very comforting.

    Lunch out today with RWTO, so I had to miss the Bridge lessons. It was the craft sale but I didn't buy anything, severely tempted but managed to restrain myself - the last thing I need is more junk (see my entry regarding the Fall Fair at Knox Church). The lunch was delicious, salad, roast beef and vegetables, an ice cream dessert and coffee to finish off. Since then I have been napping and vegging. Not much on TV tonight but I'm sure I will be able to entertain myself!

   Just a snacky dinner tonight as I am still full from lunch. I think I have some crab cakes in the freezer and will have them with an avocado salad.

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