Sunday, 18 October 2015

Chilly Weather

   The nights have been below or hovering at zero for the last few days and so I have brought in all my outdoor plants that need preserving over the winter. I also gave the grass what I hope will be the last cutting of the year. At least I will leave the front grass to John next door to cut if he feels it is too long. I will rake it once the leaves have all fallen, in the next week or two.

   I have had a couple of "at home" days with only a trip to the grocery store yesterday and demo practice this afternoon. I did pop in to the Knox Church Fall Fair on Saturday (at Ora's suggestion) but didn't find anything worth buying. The last thing I need is more junk to clutter up the house! I did have a coffee there and bought some lemon poppy seed bread to have with it.

   I cooked a marvellous stew yesterday, with lots of wine, tomato paste and juice as well as plenty of vegetables, and will have the leftovers tonight. Good TV tonight (right up to 11:00 p.m.) so I am happily ensconced at home for the evening with the fire on. It should warm up a bit this week but I doubt there will be any outdoor tennis until next Spring.

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