Friday, 31 May 2013

Trials and Tribulations

   Too hot to post today! The temperature went up to 29C but the humidex (how it feels taking the humidity into consideration) was registering 33C.
   Tennis in the morning - only played two sets. My face was so red by then (not from the sun, just from exertion) that I knew it was time to quit. Worked in the afternoon - a difficult Grade 1 but it was likely just Friday afternoon syndrome.
    Going to the last night of the Fallingbrook group in an hour. We'll dance until 9-ish then have snacks and treats. I'm baking sausage rolls. Considering the hall isn't air conditioned we may quit early!
   The temperature has fallen a couple of degrees in the last half hour and it looks like a storm is headed this way - quite a dark sky and the wind has picked up. Yes, it's raining - I'm hoping for a big dump as my swimming pool is still half empty and some rain would help my water bill. I've had the hose running off and on for the last couple of days but it still needs another foot or so.

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