Tuesday 28 May 2013

A Dull Day

   Woke up to rain this morning so knew that tennis was off. Phoned to find out how James was - seemingly he threw up a few times after leaving me yesterday - but he is still sick and staying home with Dad today. I had picked up an afternoon job so spent the morning quietly at home, puttering around, nothing too strenuous but catching up on housework.

   The job this afternoon was an easy one, rotating around several classrooms to give teachers release time. One period consisted of only 2 students who were getting reading remediation - right up my street!

   On the way home I dropped by the Garden Centre and picked up some more vegetable plants as I realized I still had room for a few more things. I will get them in tomorrow, with James' help, if he is well enough by then. Dinner tonight is still leftovers - some rice from the paella and two chicken thighs I cooked up in sofrito with a garnish of onions and mushrooms. It was very tasty yesterday and should be even better today. I will cook some brussel sprouts as well for something green. It is still dull but the rain has stopped. The temperature never budged all day, a decidedly inclement 12C. Hope it warms up tomorrow.

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