Friday, 24 May 2013


   I have three Wigelia bushes (almost trees)  in my back yard and this one is always the first to bloom.   
The other two have to be kept well trimmed as they overhang the pool, but this one is allowed to grow unfettered and has long cascading branches always covered with blooms.

   I was very relieved when I woke this morning that the blossoms had survived the night as we had very low temperatures. Yesterday, which started out nicely enough, saw the temperature plummet accompanied by a bitter wind. The forecaster said it was a north-westerly but, to me, it seemed to come right from the North Pole. We started the day at 22C; by 2:30 it was 17C; by 4:30 13C, and when I got home at 9:00 last night it was a meagre 7C. This morning it had fallen another 2 degrees and the plants I had moved outside just a few days ago were looking mighty miserable. I have brought the ones in pots back inside as tonight there is talk of frost, but the ones transferred to the garden will have to "tough it out". Luckily they are mostly on the south side of the house which is somewhat protected.

   Today has continued cold but the sun is shining and we did manage to reach 15C this afternoon. James and I didn't venture to the park but managed to put in the day indoors. In winter we would have been outside well bundled up but not at this time of year!

   I have started a new book which I think will be most enjoyable. It's "The Purchase" by Linda Spalding and is set in the late 18th century. It combines the travails of a Quaker family with slavery in Virginia, not unlike another book I read recently (I will try to remember the title) which dealt with the same themes.

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