Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Last Planting

   We had a humungous storm last night and the garden is quite saturated. However, the good news is that I had not planted the vegetable plants I got yesterday so they weren't swamped. The weather has been somewhat unpredictable recently. Yesterday was cool - stayed overcast and 12C all day until, late in the evening, it shot up a couple of degrees. This morning early it was already 17C and now (late afternoon) it's 24C but feels like 29C with the humidity resulting from all the rain. Tomorrow's forecast calls for 30C!

Swiss Chard

   The last spot in my tiny vegetable garden is now filled with 4 eggplant and 8 Swiss Chard plants. I love Swiss Chard, especially as I can just take a few leaves at a time and it keeps on growing. My last batch lasted well into the fall so I'm hoping for a good crop this year. It's an excellent substitute for lettuce and spinach. Eggplants are a new crop for me so we'll see how they come along. 


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