Tuesday 21 May 2013

Another Lucky Day!

   A wild night last night with thunder, lightning, rain and wind. I'm glad I got the photo of the lilac yesterday as it is looking very sad and droopy this morning. More rain forecast for later today which may completely put paid to the blossoms. Everything else seems to have survived the storm and the grass is nice and green. I have finally got all my indoor plants outside - or at least those that are easy to move . Makes watering much easier, but I have to keep an eye on them as they are not used to direct sun. 

   Got in some tennis this morning although the courts were still a trifle wet - played two sets back to back, had a coffee and some cake, then called it a day. Back home for a quick shower then off to "do lunch" with the RWTO ladies. Believe it or not, my luck is holding as I won $21 on the 50-50 draw! Almost enough to pay for lunch (spring salad, chicken breast, veggies and roast potatoes, and fruit and ice cream for dessert).

   We had an interesting talk about a munitions factory which was located in Scarborough during WWII, mostly manned by young girls - out in the country in those days. It seemingly was huge, covering the equivalent of a whole city block. The girls were paid $22 a week which was a very good wage at that time. But it was dangerous work, assembling ignition fuses for bombs. The actual bombs were assembled in Ajax before being shipped overseas. 

   It is getting very dark so I think we are in for another storm. The trees are beginning to blow around quite alarmingly and I can hear thunder rumbling in the distance. A good evening to stay indoors.

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