Sunday 12 May 2013

I'm Back!

   No news is good news, so they say, but truly there has been little to report for the last three or four days. I've been busy tidying up the garden as the weeds are running rampant. We've had quite a bit of rain, resulting in even more growth and I have cut the grass twice in the last week. It is now fertilized and de-dandelioned although I see many of them coming back.
   James is back in full fettle but seems to have taken an aversion to any and all outings. We managed to the "Sing, Play and Learn" group on Wednesday but have stayed close to home since. It was too wet to go to the park on Friday.
    Last night I attended the "West End Ball" and danced my feet off after a delicious roast beef dinner. This is the second to last event of the dancing season and the last time it will be held in the same location. We finished the evening around midnight with a rousing rendition of "Auld Lang Sine" as a tribute to the 40-odd years the Ball has been held there. Rumour has it that the banquet hall will be torn down to make way for even more condominiums. I had many good partners but the most memorable was Ella, a sprightly 93-year-old, who was as nimble as all get out. Hope I'm still around and able to dance at that age. 
   It's a cold (7C) dreary day with overcast, threatening skies and strong winds. I have a small painting project on the go so will be able to complete that without being tempted outside. It certainly doesn't feel like the middle of May!

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