Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Day of Gardening

  Yesterday was grass cutting but today I finally got started on bedding the plants I bought last week. First the tomato plants went in, just four this year: one Early Girl, one Super Star, one yellow grapes and one cherry tomatoes. I put in just a little fertilizer as last year I had lots of greenery but little fruit. We shall see if that makes a difference. They look pretty puny at the moment but have a few flowers getting ready to open.

   I also filled my hanging baskets, the three on the front porch with New Guinea Impatiens (got a gorgeous deep pink for one of them) and the one in the back with two fuschia plants which hang rather dramatically over the edge of the basket. This is a first attempt with this particular arrangement so it will be interesting to see how they develop (or not!)

   I had an interesting find at the Garden Centre - garlic chives. I have had a chives plant that came up every year since I moved here but last year it was completely overwhelmed by mint. I dug up the mint in the fall but was unable to save the chives. So we will see if this one establishes itself in a new spot. The mint has come back but not quite so abundantly. I also bought Italian parsley this year. I usually get the curly sort and sometimes it will appear the next year as well. But most recipes call for Italian parsley so I will see how it turns out.

   Turned off the gas fire for good as the weather seems to have settled into Spring/Summer mode. I feel I have accomplished a lot today so don't feel guilty about vegging this evening. I have a good book and there are a couple of shows on TV I want to watch. Dinner will be easy, broiled salmon and quinoa with peas. And, probably, a glass of vino!


  1. The kids and I did our planting today as well.

  2. Have you got any seed potatoes you can share? I'd like to try them this year.

  3. I didn't want to brave the garden centres today...but am going to Sheridan on the way home to pick some up on Wednesday or Thursday. Sure there will be enough to share.