Tuesday 14 May 2013

Chilly for May

   Still pretty chilly here for the middle of May. James and I were back to winter outfits (gloves and hats as there was a strong north wind) for our trip to the park yesterday and, although I played tennis today, I was well bundled up for the first half-hour or so. I managed to play for a bit longer today, my stamina must be building. However, I have to say I didn't have very challenging opponents in any of the games. Went for a swim later in the afternoon but didn't manage to improve on the 12 laps I did last week. Must keep working on that!
    I went to see "The Great Gatsby" today, well worth the trip but I will have to get the Fitzgerald book to really understand the plot. Costumes, special effects and photography were all fabulous, but some of the acting was a bit thin and artificial in places. I doubt it will take any awards next Oscar season!

    Had the gas fire on again this evening so it is toasty warm in here. Usually I have it turned off by this time in May but I'm certainly glad to have it tonight. The temperature is to go down to 4C so no plants outside yet.


  1. Did James take that photo of you?

  2. Yes, he did! Can't believe it is relatively straight. He also took lots of others, of the sand, of his mouth, of stones.....