Thursday, 23 May 2013

Too Much Food!

   Set off for the tennis courts to take the snacks over for the social. There were a couple of people there already and more arrived while I was there. Next stop was Q-ssis for the RTO AGM and coffee to keep us awake. This ran over slightly so I indulged in a glass of white wine until lunch arrived around 12:30.  - a nice salad, roast chicken (again!) with r oast potatoes and veggies. Fruit and ice cream for dessert and more coffee. The entertainment was a Barber Shop choir - pretty nice singing and quite moving. The best part was that attendance at the meeting qualified one for a free lunch. Stopped off at Walmart on my way home for a new ink cartridge for my printer.
    Home for a nap, woke at 4:15 and out of the house by 4:20 to drive across the city to the location of the ETT AGM - no more coffee but the meeting was pretty entertaining with lots of Union and contract talk. The entertainment was a Barbara Shop choir ( a different one but much more professional and easy on the ear). This was followed by a lovely meal shortly after 7:00 p.m. - a delicious ginger salad, salmon and rice with roasted peppers, asparagus and pea pods. Thank goodness for something different. Petits fours for dessert and strawberries dipped in chocolate - again a welcome change! Also a glass of red wine was served - all for $10.
     Now I feel like not eating for a couple of days and have done enough socializing to last me a week. It has been a very busy few days.

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