Saturday, 4 May 2013

Three days to catch up on

   On Thursday, sunny and warm, the daytime social at the Bridlewood tennis courts started. We only had 6 people but we had fun and left tired but satisfied after coffee and cookies. Hopefully next week will bring out a few more of the old faces.

   On Friday James came for the day. He is recovering from a nasty bug requiring two visits to Emergency to sort out his dehydration. He is almost back to normal but still not 100%, so wasn't ready to go back to daycare. We went up to the Mall as I had a few errands to run, but he was quite washed out by the time we got home and barely made it through lunch before he nodded off. That evening I spent a couple of hours stooging for the teacher candidates at the local Orange Lodge. There were 16 of us and we got quite a workout, with step practise and new dances.

   Today was the first social at Don Mills Tennis Club, the official opening day. A couple of matches, volley practise with the "pro" and a nice lunch were followed by speeches and prizes (I didn't win anything), but it was fun to see everyone in tennis attire after a long cold winter. It was a beautiful day so quite pleasant to sit outside and chat. A bit of gardening when I got home and a guilt-free evening watching TV, having accomplished plenty.


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