Thursday, 7 February 2019

Winter in Canada

   Arrived for Book Club this afternoon only to find it had been cancelled! Seemingly the powers that be decided that no one would want to risk travelling with an ice rain warning in effect. I wasn't the only one (there were three of us) and we soon realized we had missed a late e-mail. We had our discussion anyway but there were no treats. Major disappointment!

    The book was "Sisters Like Us" and it wasn't particularly memorable. I was given a copy of the prequel to it, " A Million Little Things" and I kept getting the two books confused. We decided they were more like a soap opera - not our usual choice of reading material. 

   Well, the freezing rain has still not arrived but we are (supposedly) to have rain and a thunderstorm overnight followed by a drastic drop in temperature. Now that might prove to be interesting! I have just managed to remove the sheet of ice from the last storm from my driveway.



  1. Wind warning, too. What a crazy January and February we've had! -Jenn

  2. Winter in Canada, indeed. After so many years passed in the Deep South I don’t think I could survive your winter – only inside, by the fire, with a hot cup of chocolate and a good book .

    1. That sounds delectable - bring it on! Unfortunately, needs must and I do have to venture out from time to time.