Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Another Cancellation

    It has snowed on and off all day again and I have been out shovelling twice. The fist time I used the snowblower as there was a huge windrow over the end of my driveway, the second time I only needed the shovel. However, all that exercise, along with my Osteo Fit class this morning, has given me quite the workout. At least I know my heart is in good shape as it managed to survive all the cardio.

   The main roads were quite clear when I came home this afternoon but my side street not so much. My dance group this evening has been cancelled again (third week in a row) as very few were planning on going. I`m quite happy to have a night at home as I will be out tomorrow and Friday evenings. Please let that be the end of the snow for this week!


  1. It was certainly a wild weather day this side of the province. So many white outs & oh that 20 car pile up on the 401! I stayed off the roads yesterday & today. Fingers crossed the next round is a mis-call on the weather person's part!

    1. We can but hope! Actually today was pretty nice and my driveway is finally clear of ice.