Monday 11 February 2019

More Weather Woes

   I was supposed to go to a Valentine's lunch at the community centre tomorrow but it has been postponed until next week. There is a weather warning for tomorrow - whiteouts, snow and ice. Unfortunately, I have another lunch booked and paid for next Tuesday so will have to ask for my money back. 

    Rather disappointing but I will be busy shovelling anyway. If I can get out on the roads I will go to Bridge (unless it is also cancelled). I think the idea behind all the cancellations (there were two during the last snow/ice storm that affected me) is that the fewer people out on the roads the better. Then the snow plows and salters can do their job. Of course, working people still have to make an attempt to get to work but those of us who don't need to go anywhere are definitely encouraged to stay home until the storm has passed.


  1. We are now on our 9th bus cancellation since we got back in January. But heaven forbid the school is closed! So we drive through all kinds of weather to get to work. The only thing that holds people back is a closed road. I would definitely stay put, if I could. Stay cozy! -Jenn

    1. Wise advice! I have just been out to clear the driveway but the wind is so strong it will have to be redone tomorrow. The Toronto schools are closed today. I don't know whether the teachers have to go in.