Monday, 18 February 2019

Finally some exercise

   I managed a short walk today (40 mins.) as the sun was shining and the icy patches on the sidewalks had mostly melted. We had snow overnight, light fluffy stuff and quite easy to shovel so the driveway is clear again. Minus 10C again tonight though so winter is still hanging on.

   This was the last day of a long weekend so not much going on - stores closed as well as the senior's centre and the library, so I mostly stayed home. I baked a couple of French bread loaves for the freezer. They turned out really well. S.C Dance group was on tonight so that was the extent of my socializing today!


  1. Wasn't that sunshine yesterday brilliant! I think my whole neighbourhood was out for a walk in the afternoon. Our sidewalks are still a solid ice rink so it's walking on the road. Oh yum to French loaves.

  2. I have to keep the bread in the freezer or else I would gobble it down!