Sunday, 20 January 2019

Sunday with the Family

  Oh, so cold today and a ton of snow to shovel! I had decided I wouldn't use the snowblower so didn't plug in the battery, but regretted it later. The driveway is half done and I cleared a path on the sidewalk for any intrepid walkers to get by. 

   The drive up to Markham for James' birthday was a bit harrowing as the roads were still slippery. But it was worth it to be with family. We had a lovely brunch and I brought a haggis to celebrate Rabbie Burns birthday as well as James.  Natalie interviewed me for a school project on immigration. Her dad is also an immigrant but came here at quite a young age.

   When I got home I worked on the driveway again for a bit but the wind was too strong so I only lasted 15 minutes. I will do the rest tomorrow, hopefully.


  1. This time around, we managed to not get dumped on. The cold is hard to stay out in for very long, though. -Jenn

  2. Mr Man tackled the driveway but he needed to take breaks (we have a double wide driveway) & then the winds picked up & blew in the snow again. We got only about 5cm (at most) I know the further south you went the more they got. Family in Grimsby will be digging out for days! Stay warm.