Tuesday 29 January 2019

A Wintery Scene

   I was out early with the snowblower this morning to tackle the drifts but ran out of power before I was even half way through. I will plug in the battery tonight and finish it tomorrow. 

My trusty machine - the snow was actually deeper than the snowblower so It didn't do a very efficient job. Better than shovelling, though!

The path up to the front door. I will have to widen it tomorrow.

I had to step over this barrier to get into the garage. The snow was over the top of my knee high boots!

   I managed to clear enough of the driveway to get the car onto the road which had been plowed. However, the snowblower couldn't handle the windrow across the street end so that had to be shovelled by hand. I was sweating when I came back inside for a rest.

   The dance demo was cancelled, thank goodness, as the main roads were still a bit iffy. Instead I went to Bridge which wasn't as far - we only had 8 tables filled. Tonight my bones are aching so I will soak in the tub before bed.


  1. I had similar drifts at my doors, too! Enough already. -Jenn

  2. They are telling us it was record amounts of snow for the day. Last night in my gratitude journal I said most thankful for a snowblower even though it's Mr Man doing the blowing/shovelling! And by next week it will be rain!

    1. Some of the snowdrifts were higher than my snowblower so shovelling was required.