Wednesday 16 January 2019

A Lucky Find

   At our monthly lunches we have a used book table at which people donate books and we sell them (50 cents) to raise money for a Women's Shelter. Mostly they are fiction but at this Tuesday's lunch I found this:

Although I am not a "Weight Watcher", it has quite a few interesting recipes and, for 50 cents, is quite a bargain. 

   Pretty cold today, especially the strong wind. Another demo under our belts (it went well) so only 4 more to go. I think I will survive!


  1. Very good deal. I just picked up from the library, Anna Olson's latest holiday cookbook - pretty pictures, lots of yummy recipes. If I made half of them, I would definitely need to borrow your WW cookbook!

  2. I have lots of cook books but just continually cook the same basic recipes! I need to be more adventuresome.