Monday 28 January 2019

Snowed In!

    A humungous snow storm started up while I was at Bridge this afternoon and by the time we headed home the roads were already clogged and slippery. I phoned about tonight's dance group and the teacher was reluctant to cancel. However, clearer heads prevailed (his wife!) and we phoned around and made sure everyone knew to stay home. I think they were all planning to do so anyway.

    I have a demo tomorrow afternoon and I am hoping it will be cancelled too as the roads will still be bad. If not I will have to try to get there. Fingers crossed!

   This morning was Hava Java (our coffee social) and a surprising number of people showed up despite the dire weather forecast. Now that the evening has set in I have got out my Twiddlemuff and am determined to finish it before next week's Craft club. They are becoming very popular and we have several orders pending which we can't fulfill. 

  Nice warming stew for dinner tonight so must go and warm it up. Then it will be an evening in front of the fire with my knitting and a movie on TV.


  1. ... and still the storm rages on this morning. Smart decision to stay home, there's nothing more important than being safe - I imagine there will be lots of cancellations this morning (Tues) as everyone tries to dig out. Have fun crafting.

  2. I did venture out later today and the roads were pretty clear.