Friday, 11 January 2019

Lots Accomplished

    I'd better get down what I accomplished today before I forget - it was quite a lot.

    I was on the phone to my dentist by 8:45 this morning, not for myself but to get the name of an endodontist for a friend. She needs a root canal, so that is sorted and hopefully she can get it arranged. By 9:00 I was at my Fitness class - not too many there as it was bitterly cold and you needed to be well wrapped up before setting foot out the door. I know I said I run from the car to the building when it's this cold but today I literally ran my fastest - my hair was still wet from my shower and it's a wonder it didn't freeze!

   I had a lovely long chat with Carol over coffee after our class and got the history of how she and her six sisters came to Canada from Grenada as young girls. They have all done very well for themselves and there are dozens of nieces, nephews and even grandchildren. Quite a large tribe!

   Phoned Susan for the names of the people attending the RWTO lunch on Tuesday so that I can get their name tags ready. It doesn't take long as we reuse them but is just another chore to complete. Then it was time for lunch but I just had a bowl of soup and took a sandwich to eat during pickleball. It was very busy and I had to sit out quite a bit so just stayed until 2:00 p.m. I was tired by then anyway so had a nap when I got home. Got the car gassed up on the way home and this time I remembered to wear a hat. It had warmed up a few degrees (just -6C) but it was the wind - straight from the North Pole -  that made it so bitter.

   That's about it for today - just a quiet evening in front of the TV.


  1. It's been pretty 'snappy' out there, hasn't it? Again, I marvel at how busy and active you are. You always seem to have a full calendar. -Jenn

    1. Sometimes too full! I am trying to cut back on commitments to simplify my life.