Saturday 26 January 2019

Food For the Cold Weather

   A sunny day today with no wind and I was out without a hat and still no boots - quite unheard of here in January. It felt a lot warmer than -9C. However we have another chilly week coming up.

     As you can see from this snap from today's newspaper, we will have no positive values at all!  The warmest day will be Tuesday but it will bring snow....and just look at those overnight numbers! I wish I could stay home on Wednesday as it will be fiercely cold to go outdoors but that's my day in the kitchen at the Senior's Centre. There will be a few hardy types who will be there expecting their coffee. 

    The furnace will be chugging away non stop this week and my heating bill will be on the rise again. Luckily I changed the filter on the furnace today so it will be working more efficiently.

    I had a productive day in the kitchen today - a pot of carrot lentil soup on before I went grocery shopping, just a small shop for some fresh fruit and vegetables, but I did find a piece of blade roast marked down 30% so made a stew this afternoon. Not a great deal of meat but loads of veggies - carrots, onion, brussell sprouts (I love them in a stew), tomatoes and half an eggplant. It should be yummy and will do me several days. Normally I would have put in some red wine but I am having a dry spell so used apple juice instead and a splash of apple cider vinegar.

   I am still eating mincemeat tarts left over from Christmas so that, with a clementine, will be dessert. I can't think of anything nicer!


  1. I think you no boots, no hat comes to an end with tomorrow's forecast - 15-25cm of snow! We got about 5cm last night :(

  2. I did have to get the boots on today and am currently snowed in!