Tuesday 8 January 2019

A Long Break from Blogging

   Oops! Just realized it has been a week since my last post. Last week was very quiet - just a tennis game on Thursday and dance practice on Sunday afternoon, so not much to write about. I filled my time with reading and doing a jigsaw puzzle and a few (very few!) cleaning chores.

   Activities started again this Monday with craft club in the morning, Bridge in the afternoon and social dance group in the evening. That's the way I like my days to go! Today I was trekking over to the west end of the city to attend a Burn's lunch at which we were the entertainment with some Scottish dances. It's nice that they give us lunch first. I love haggis! A quiet evening ahead, I won't need any dinner other than a bowl of my homemade soup.


  1. Sometimes it's just nice to step away from social media & do other things. That reminds me I need to dig out some plaid for Robbie Burns day ... I've never tried haggis but from what I've heard - brave you (col).

  2. I will probably have haggis three or four more times as we go around to retirement homes to dance for the residents. I really like it especially if it is nice and spicy!