Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Keeping Warm

   I got my heating bill the other day and for the last month it was $220. Yikes!! And that was before the current extreme cold spell. Heaven knows what the next one will be. This is just for keeping the house ticking over at a very low temperature, heating the water tank and, in the evenings, the gas fire in the family room. I think I will have to wear a few more heavy sweaters for the rest of the winter or I will be bankrupt before Spring (Just kidding).

   The cold spell has finally broken - it was just minus 1C when I came home from tonight's meeting. It was the first planning session for the tennis club and rather long and tedious but it got me in the mood for getting out on the courts. That's still a long way off. It will be the end of April before the winter bubble comes down and the nets go up.


  1. Ah yes the bills that come in for winter - I heard that the cold snap is to return today after the rain makes a total mess of the earlier snow. Hang on to those spring dreams - almost done with January, February is short & March takes us into the home stretch ...

    1. You are such an optimist, Mary-Lou. I need to be more like you!