Thursday, 10 January 2019

So Cold!

    Finally we have some typical winter weather. It was -7C today (-15C with the wind chill factor filtered in) and the wind was very cold and very strong. The upside was that the few flurries we have had over the last couple of days have all been blown away and I managed another day without having to wear boots!

   It is forecast to get even colder tonight but I will be staying home by the fire. Today I was just running quickly from the house to the car, to the mall and back to the house. This will continue for the next few days.

   RTO Executive meeting this morning and then Book club in the afternoon. I had packed a light lunch so didn't bother to go home in between. The meeting was pretty straightforward, finished on time and was not too tedious. We had a very lively discussion at book club - our book was "The Great Alone" by Kristin Hannah, highly recommended by all. All sorts of themes and character studies to expand on. All being retired teachers we were not at a loss for words.

   I went by the library on the way home and picked up two books and two DVDs. Unfortunately, one of the books I had ordered I had already read. But this was in fact fortunate as the books are piling up on my bedside table. Not a bad thing during this cold spell!

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