Tuesday, 1 January 2019

A New Year

    Despite a late night (yes, I did manage to stay up until midnight!) I had an early start and spent an hour or so over coffee and the newspaper. Then it was out for a long walk - it was sunny but cold so I wrapped up well.

   Home to tidy the house since I got the tree and all the Christmas decorations put away yesterday. After lunch and a nap I worked on my current jigsaw puzzle for a while then went to see a movie. It was "The Favourite", about Queen Anne and her court - very entertaining; I highly recommend it. On the way home at 7:00 p.m. I decided I couldn't be bothered to cook a meal so stopped off at Swiss Chalet for dinner. Unfortunately they are no longer serving the Festive Special (my favourite) but I had my usual 1/4 chicken (dark meat) and a Caesar salad. Now I am nibbling on my homemade tablet while I watch the New Year's special from Vienna - all Strauss music. The tablet is so sweet my teeth are aching! 


  1. Sounds like a perfect way to start the year off. I would like to see The Favourite as I know the historical story of Lady Sarah Churchill & Queen Anne. I also want to see the newest Mary Queen of Scots - although it does drive me crazy that they show Elizabeth I & Queen Mary meeting - they never actually met! But I must remember that the movies are entertained & I should just enjoy (lol). Oh I'm interested to know what's in your tablet.

  2. I didn't think "The Favourite" lived up to the reviews but it was entertaining nevertheless. I am waiting for "Mary, Queen of Scots" to arrive in the theatres despite its historically innacuracies. I think I will enjoy it. The tablet just has sugar, butter, milk and condensed milk. I can send you the recipe if you want to make it.