Sunday 13 January 2019

A Day at Home

   Still cold (-11C when I got up this morning) but no snow so, still not wearing boots! At least it was sunny so the house warmed up a bit.

    A rather quiet morning - just some housework - then a couple of hours at demo practice in the afternoon. We have three demos coming up this week and by next weekend we will really know the dances perfectly. I think this will be my last year as a member of the demo team as I am finding it increasingly difficult to do a full program of dances. I am puffing and wheezing before we are half way through the program.

    Coverage of the Australian Open has started on TV today so I watched one of the early round matches this evening. It's daytime in Australia and extremely hot. I hope the players can survive in the heat.


  1. Oh dear - maybe 2019 is the year of change for you, while not giving up dancing completely. This morning is freezing rain :( thankfully I don't have to drive out today.

    1. We didn't get the freezing rain, just a few flurries, but it has got much colder as the day progressed. A lot of snow forecast for the weekend!