Thursday 10 December 2015

On The Go

   The weather continues mild - it got up to 10C today, but not too sunny. The Probus meeting was at Qssis today, combined with a Christmas lunch of salmon or turkey. I had chosen turkey but extra salmon was brought around so I got a piece of that  too. The only disappointing part was the stuffing which, again, was soggy! Also served was Caesar salad and ice cream and fruit.

   After the entertainment at 1:30 I left and stopped by the Don Montgomery Centre to play some tennis but I was still so stuffed I didn't play very well. I left there just before 3:00 and stopped off at the pool for a swim and soak in the hot tub before heading home. A full and busy day!

   One more stop on the way home for my prescriptions - one wasn't ready so I will have to go back tomorrow. I also stocked up on vitamins and pain pills for arthritis - really just a precaution as I reduce the prednisone. I am determined to be finished with that particular medication in a couple of months. I still haven't finished the Christmas cards but hope to get that off my plate tomorrow.

   Very depressing news about food costs here, mainly because the Canadian dollar is so weak right now. We are paying about 4% more for food this year as so much of it is imported. Just leftovers tonight as I wasn't very hungry. I am scared to weigh myself with all the heavy meals I have been eating lately, but there's no point in dieting until after Christmas!

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