Tuesday, 8 December 2015

On the Go All Day

    I had to pass up on tennis today as I had bought a ticket to the Christmas lunch at the Senior's Centre. The meal was served quickly and efficiently but was a bit lacking in quality. The salad was OK and I got dark turkey meat (my preference) and there was plenty of it. The stuffing was pretty bad but the mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes were fine. Unfortunately the cranberry sauce ran out just before my turn at the buffet, although I managed to scrape a little taste of it from the bowl. To make up for the lacks there were two desserts which were both nice - white cake and cheesecake. Punch was served during the meal and coffee after - all for $20 so we really couldn't complain.

    There was entertainment and dancing after but I just stayed until 2:00 before heading home. After a nap I went to a movie - "Trumbo" - based on a real life victim of the blacklisting of communist party supporters in the U.S. during the cold war. I found it quite revealing as I didn't know much about this scandal. Helen Mirren was marvellous as Hedda Hopper and other actors portrayed John Wayne, Edward G. Robinson, Otto Preminger, Kirk Douglas and other well known Hollywood players. Well worth seeing.

   I had put a loaf in the bread machine before I went out so it was nice to come home to the smell of fresh baking. It almost didn't happen because, once I had flled the pan and plugged it in, I realized the paddle was jammed! I had to empty the pan (very messy) and manhandle the paddle to free it up. So it was quite relief that the bread turned out well.

    I didn't feel like eating dinner tonight so just had half an avocado with some salad and the new bread. I also made some soup before I went out as I will need something to take for lunch tomorrow when I am working in the coffee bar. All in all, quite a busy day.

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